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Blog entry by Dimitris Tzalamouras

Newsletter February 2022 - Digital skills that teachers will need in the nearest future

Newsletter February 2022 - Digital skills that teachers will need in the nearest future

Europe's Digital Decade – the digital compass

Main trends for ICT competences

  1. Artificial Intelligence 
  2. Cybersecurity 
  3. Internet of Things 
  4. Big Data 
  5. High Performance Computing 
  6. 5G 
  7. Software 
  8. Digital Skills 

Test your digital skills! 


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What digital skills teachers needs to improve? 

Cédric Houbrechts – Director and primary teacher for 6/8 year old children – 24 years of experience 


The skills around coding are, in my opinion, crucial for the future of the younger generations to try to no longer suffer from the information or the environment in which they are immersed more and more often. If we develop this type of skill, this will guarantee equal opportunities in terms of understanding the world around children since they have no outside help at school to learn this type of skill. 

Françoise Schietecatte – Kindergarten and primary teacher for 6/8 year old children – 14 years of experience 


We should develop digital skills but knowing that pupils can sometimes know more than us and therefore help us. But I'll start with basic programming. In order to develop in the class a logic of thought (mathematical, spatial, algorithmic, problem solving, etc.) which is not very present right now. A different system of thought that should allow children to understand the digital world in which they find themselves. 

Sabirna D’Alonzo – High school science and technology teacher for teenagers aged 13/15 - 22 years of experience


For my part, I want to develop skills on how to search on Internet because it is not always easy for students to manage this abundant mass of information and to be critical. Working with students on this topic is important because they live in a connected world and often refer to it in superficial and inappropriate ways. 

Sébastien Delahaye Gamucci – Primary teacher for children aged 11/12 - for 18 years 


Programming would be the skill to be developed for teachers. We see that there are not many people who could support children in this area. But in the future, most jobs will involve programming or be related to new technologies. As our generation has never learned to develop these skills, it is very difficult to teach it and to be confronted with children with a better background than ours. 

Laurine Aga – future primary teacher 


It is important for me to raise awareness of digital and more particularly digital identity, especially through social networks. Pupils must be critical but also respectful of the various rights (image rights, copyright, etc.). They will have to carry out effective research on the web, act as a responsible actor. You have to train them fairly early because they are quickly confronted with this reality 

Etty Chabrol – Primary teacher for children aged 9/12 – 3 years of experience 


I want to improve my search for digital tools. I use a digital tool in my class to tackle spelling but I feel limited and can't find a suitable alternative. Working with digital tools in the classroom is very practical. This allows children to get started more easily in an exercise but also to motivate them. They can also benefit from immediate feedback on their performance. 

Sophie Louis – Primary teacher for adolescents in special education – 5 years of experience

We received an interactive board in the classroom and tablets. I want to improve my practical skills and be able to use them wisely. These tools can be useful for setting up a process of differentiation and remediation within the class. We can organize workshops or adapt the materials to each child and it is easier for everyone.

Isabelle Prévot – Primary teacher for children aged 10/12 – 35 years of experience 


I want to develop the management of various office programs that I do not currently master. Thanks to these skills, I will be able to create selfcorrecting files for my pupils or set up a remediation program. Having my pupils work on this type of digital medium could also increase their digital capacity. In overtaking, they could also create some for the class or the youngest. 

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