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Wiki is a tool that allows the collective writing of files in a simple language programming. In other words, it is a place where teachers and learners can import files, make corrections and interventions and generally work together to create content. The peculiarity of the Wiki lies in the fact that other teachers can edit existing material and add new.

Why should I use WIKI?

In an educational setting, wiki can be used b teachers to enhance each other’s understanding of the ideas discussed. The wiki is a simple, flexible collaborative tool. It can be used for anything, from the creation of simple lists to the compilation of entire encyclopedias.

What can be achieved with the Wiki?

Wiki can be a powerful collaborative tool work. Teachers from all over the world can contribute to the existing content, add materials and provide insights on a specific topic. This will grow a strong and collaborative Education Out of the Box teachers community as well as courses and activities of high quality.

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