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Digital Learnings and European Teacher Education : boundary crossings by Francesca Caena - - 42 min 55

Dr. Francesca Caena has an interdisciplinary background in education research, policy and practice. Her professional experiences and interests span policy-oriented international studies, school and teacher education, and competence frameworks. She has worked for the European Commission’s in-house science service (JRC Unit Human Capital and Employment – researcher for LifeComp European Key Competence Framework development), the European Commission DG Education and Culture (research support for the Working Group School Policy and Teacher Professional Development), and for the OECD (high-level expert for TALIS Initial Teacher Preparation study). Dr Caena has MA degrees in Modern Foreign Languages as well as Education Research (Venice University); her PhD Ed. (2010, Padua University) focused on comparative analysis of European Teacher Education case studies following the Bologna process. Her track record (book publications, reports, articles in peer-reviewed journals; invited keynote contributions to international conferences; reviewer/editor for research journals, e.g. the European Journal of Education) reflects sustained interest and participation in debate on education and training policy and practice across stakeholder groups. Her latest publications regard theoretical underpinnings of LifeComp European Competence Framework (2019), and conceptualisations of the Learning to Learn competence (2020). (

Francesca Caena speaking about "European Teacher Education: boundary crossings" at EDiTE's Final Conference: "Teacher Education and Teacher Education Policies in the European Union“, 3rd and 4th July, 2014, Budapest, Hungary.

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